2017 Naish Slash Kite grey

2017 Naish Slash Kite grey

Описание 2017 Naish Slash Kite grey

2017 Naish Slash Kite grey

We thought that this felt like the best version of the Park that Naish ever made, so we tested it out with wake boots and some freestyle tricks. We were right, and it works killer for freestyle. There is very little power surge when you unhook, it boosts well, and it is just as much fun to ride on a twin tip as a surfboard. 

The Slash is best suited for someone that likes a kite that pulls hard on the waves. It is not the best for the set it and forget it rider. When you pull really hard on the bar to send the kite through the wind window, you better be ready cause the Slash is going to turn and pull hard. Bigger kiters or people riding full power with straps will love the feel. If you are timid and just getting into wave kiting, you will probably want something less aggressive. 

We were able to stall the Slash in the middle of a turn in a few instances. Most of the times this occurred when we were quite depowered, carving on the wave face and taking tension off the lines. The kite would change direction but then stall. This is pretty typical of most kites when the line tension comes off of them. There was still a little pull, so you felt connected and most importantly the kite did not back stall. The kite drifted really well and as soon as you got more tension on the line, you reconnected to the power without a massive surge of power. 

We found that the Slash flies best with an inch to two inches of depower pulled on the 2017 Naish Torque Bar. We also moved the turning speed setting to max speed on the wing tip bridle attachment. 

Who is the Naish Slash for?

The Slash is a really good kite that will work best for the wave kiter that wants a balls to the walls fast turning powerful wave kite.


The Slash is a new wave specific kite to the Naish line up. Despite being new to the line, the Slash felt like an updated version of the much loved Naish Park.

Naish's Description: 
Developed with elite riders on the crest of the most legendary waves in the world—and tested to perform in even the most sloppy, onshore conditions—the Slash offers a smooth, yet responsive experience that adapts easily to a diversity of surf and trick riding. 
Born from the DNA of the renowned Pivot, the Slash features a lower aspect ratio and higher, wider wingtips for a compact overall outline which makes it easy to turn quickly and change direction. The swept wing tip delivers unmatched drifting ability, light bar pressure and quick relaunch. Perfectly balanced, the bridles and geometry are tuned to produce an incredibly stable shape and intuitive performance. 

Constructed with Quad-Tex—a revolutionary new 4x-reinforced ripstop that is 30% stronger and stiffer than any other kite canopy material on the market—the Slash is, easily, one of the strongest kites around. Intuitive, durable, dynamic. . . the Slash puts you in control to rip the most out of your session.

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