Описание ARMADA VJJ 2013


VJJ Skis - Women's 2013: Flawless. You’re the girl who has no problem leading the pack, the girl who’s ready for the next lap while the others are still catching their breath. But when the snow got deep there wasn’t a proper tool for you. Stuck with either over-sized men’s skis or under-sized women’s versions, no superior women’s backcountry rockered ski ever existed. And for that purpose Armada is stoked to introduce the Armada VJJ Skis, a women’s specific version of the original JJ utilizing the patented EST Freeride Rocker but with all the requirements to validate it with the ladies. 

  • Core and Flex Pattern:The Hybrid UltraLight core is made up of select 375kg/m3 wood stringers that have unusually high strength-to-weight ratios so the VJJ maintains a light but stable feel. ABS layers are pre-installed alongside the core directly underfoot to concentrate the weight of the ski below the boot sole to increase durability and lower swing weight. // Flex Pattern: tip - 5.5, waist - 6.5, tail - 6 (out of 10)
  • Construction:With an AR50 side wall, the ABS sidewall meets Cap construction, combining lightweight Cap construction in the tip and tail with ABS sidewall underfoot resulting in enhanced edgehold and significantly lower swing and overall weight. // The VJJ has a 1.7 edge, with the height and width deliberately smaller and the steel heat-treated to a proprietary hardness to increase durability and decrease weight. // The 50/50 base is faster than Armada’s S7 base but more rugged than the Comp series. // The Laminate Matrix consists of three kinds of fiberglass laminates are used in combination to deliver the exact amount of flex and torsional rigidity needed in the appropriate places. // A b
  • Shape:EST Freeride Rocer is simply the best of all worlds. Rockered tips and tails combined with positive camber underfoot to promote flotation in soft snow and provide remarkable edge control in the harder stuff. // This is a 5-dimension ski where the widest points set back closer to the bindings for a tip and tail that easily rise and are hook-free in powder, while the rest of the ski performs well on all snow conditions with traditional sidecut.
  • Dimensions:12m, 126/136/115/133/123 (all sizes)
  • Binding Compatibility:We recommend a brake that is equal to the waist width and at most 20mm wider. (brake width = ski width + 20mm)


  • Tip Width (mm):126/136
  • Waist Width (mm):115
  • Tail Width (mm):133/123
  • Ability Level:Advanced - Expert
  • Core Material:Wood
  • Rocker Type:Rocker/Camber/Rocker
  • Tail Type:Full Twin Tip
  • Turning Radius:12m @ 165cm


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