ION Aaron Hadlow Waist Harness

ION Aaron Hadlow Waist Harness

Описание ION Aaron Hadlow Waist Harness

ION Aaron Hadlow Waist Harness


Key Features:

• Hard or Soft: Hybrid design is a soft harness with a good sized carbon plate to stiffen the harness up. 
• Back Coverage: Small back coverage will give you maximum mobility to throw down like Hadlow. 
• Padding: Fully molded material on the inside of the harness with the carbon back plate makes this small harness stiff and supportive. 
• Spreader Bar: Push button spreader makes for easy on and off. Thin molded spreader bar pad. 
• What We Love: The extra support means you can ride overpowered and go big without crushing your back. 
• Just Being Picky: The Hadlow takes some time to break in. It feels really stiff for your first couple sessions. 

Hadlow Tech Specs:

• Soft edged and was it belt minimize the chaffe when you are kiting in trunks. 
• Carbon fiber back plate 
• Hook Knife 
• Handle Pass Leash Attachment 
• D-ring Short Leash Attachment 
• Push button spreader bar release 
• Four strap compression to minimize the slip 
• Molded interior keeps the harness locked in place.

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Вариант 1: EMS Экспресс

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Стоимость доставки: 1 000 руб


курьерская служба PONY EXPRESS (рекомендуем для доставки в СПб)

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Вариант 4: самовывоз

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Вариант 5: тк Деловые линии

Автодоставка по России от 3 до 10 дней, оплата за доставку при получении заказа
(для отправки требуется ФИО и номер паспорта)

Стоимость доставки: 0 руб

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