Mavic Crossmax Pro Carbon WTS Wheelset Boost

Mavic Crossmax Pro Carbon WTS Wheelset Boost

Описание Mavic Crossmax Pro Carbon WTS Wheelset Boost

Mavic Crossmax Pro Carbon WTS Wheelset Boost 

6-Hole - FW: 15x110mm | RW: 12x148mm - black / grey

Pro Carbon the most dynamic Crossmax ever!

Equipped with full carbon rims featuring enhanced fiber lacing the Crossmax Pro Carbon 27.5 inch (650B) wheelset offers great lateral stiffness and a maximum of vertical compliance. Additionally these wheels are extra stiff and predictable because of 24 double crossed spokes per wheel.
Quick, comfortable but also light? - This is achieved by super light UST compatible full carbon rims with 23 mm wide hookless profiles.
Furthermore the wheel-tire interface is optimized for xc racing. The 23 mm inner width (internal / external 28 mm) fits perfectly 2.10" up to 2.25" tires. The hookless rim profile reduces tire burps and adds strength.
Additionally these wheels are equipped with fast and versatile 2.25" Pulse Pro tires. 

Front and rear wheel of the Crossmax Pro are featuring fast and light Pulse Pro tires.
Fast and efficient rolling is essential for cross-country, so Mavic has equipped the Pulse Pro tire with an X-mix dual compound (55/50) so the softer side knobs give you the extra confidence to keep your cornering speed high.
To save weight, Crossmax Pulse has no extra protection layer - but it doesn't need it, as the casing is thick enough to stay robust and support you in any race or on any trail. And the 127 tpi UST Tubeless Ready casing (air tight with sealant) delivers weight saving, comfort, grip and traction as well as a reduced risk of flats. 

The front wheel is compatible with 15x110mm Boost thru-axles. Ex-factory the rear wheel is compatible with 12x148 Boost mm thru axle dropouts. 

ITS4 (Instant Transfer System 4) - Using 4 pawls working 2 by 2, the system provides a more dynamic ride, thanks to a very fast engagement. Its versatility makes it compatible with all kind of frame retention system. Better energy transmission: fast engagement, only 7,5° freeplay between two engaged positions. Stiffer: 17mm monobloc axle. 12mm thru-axle compatible to fit any kind of frame retention system. 
QRM+ (Qualité Roulements Mavic Plus) - Mavic's most demanding level. Those cartridge bearings are of course double sealed with C3 internal clearance, and toped with a micro-adjustability system. 

Tire technologies: 
UST Tubeless Ready - The UST concept improves traction, control and comfort while reducing inertia and flats. The 'tubeless ready' construction results in a lighter tire for improved performance. Benefits of UST: traction, control, comfort. Tubeless Ready: lighter construction, perfectly air tight with the use of sealant. 
X-Mix - The right dual compound mix.
Faster rolling, more durability and confident cornering is what is required from a high performance tire.
Softer side knobs and a firmer but still grippy rolling tread serve many riding situation. Each tire receives the right mix for its dedicated program. 
E.T.R.T.O: 23-584
Material: rims: 100% UD-Carbon
hubs: aluminium
spokes: steel
Weight: approx. 1470 gram (per set, FW approx. 680g, RW approx. 790g, without tires)
approx. 2750 grams (per set, FW approx. 1320g, RW approx. 1430g, with tires)
(manufactuer information)
Spokes: straight pull, aero bladed
double crossed
Spokes number: 24
Rim: Hookless rim profile
Rim height: 25 mm
Rim Width: external: 28mm / internal: 23mm
Hub: RW hub with ITS4 aluminium freehub
Fitting for shifting: optionally Shimano 8/9/10-speed and compatible or SRAM XD 11/12-speed
Disc brake standard: 6-hole
Fitting type of tire: UST Tubeless or regular tires with inner tubes
Fitting tire dimension: 28-62 (584x23c)
Hub axle system: FW: 15x110 mm thru axle Boost / RW: 12x148 mm thru axle Boost
Included  incl. Mavic Crossmax Pulse 2.25 tires, UST valve and accessories, multifunction adjustment wrench, tire sealant, user guide
Purpose: Cross country

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