Movement Fly Smasher 2016

Movement Fly Smasher 2016

Описание Movement Fly Smasher 2016

Movement Fly Smasher 2016
The Fly Smasher is going to be as big a hit as its bigger brother. This is a powder ski,which is equally at home being skied just for fun or for throwing down huge jumps in the backcountry – you choose. Twin Rocker, 5-point geometry, perfect camber/flex mix, wood/ fibre lightweight construction – the Fly Smasher has everything needed to top podiums and star in backcountry ski films. When the big depressions roll in and there’s a big dump of snow forecast, this is the ski to grab.
  • Shape: 138-115-133
  • Radius: 18,0m @ 178
  • Core: poplar; Dynamic tri-axial & undirectionel & carbon


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Вариант 1: EMS Экспресс

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Стоимость доставки: 1 000 руб


курьерская служба PONY EXPRESS (рекомендуем для доставки в СПб)

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Вариант 4: самовывоз

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Вариант 5: тк Деловые линии

Автодоставка по России от 3 до 10 дней, оплата за доставку при получении заказа
(для отправки требуется ФИО и номер паспорта)

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