Norrøna Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro W Orange Alert

Norrøna Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro W Orange Alert

Описание Norrøna Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro W Orange Alert

Norrøna Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro W
Orange Alert


Our most versatile waterproof freeride jacket, with all the critical details you need for demanding conditions. It is light, highly breathable with superior ventilation, and weather-protective with a high level of comfort. The jacket is made of a new ripstop GORE-TEX® Pro Shell stretch for increased durability and flexibility. Definitely one of Norrønas most popular products. We recommend stashing your cell phone in the designated pocket on the inside of the jacket, in order to prevent moisture damage.
This is the 3rd generation of our pioneering lofoten GORE-TEX® jacket, which was introduced to the market in 2004. Awarded “product of the year 2009” by “Åka Skidor” magazine, the jacket now comes with an even better hood and pocket construction, and improved fit. Features include removable powder skirt with Snap-seal system™ and Zip-seal system™ for connection to Norrøna pants with buttons or zipper. Developed and tested in close cooperation with our freeriding ambassadors, this product has set the standard for freeride and backcountry clothing ever since it was introduced to the market.
Technical Specifications:
Waterproof: min. 28,000 mm*
Breathability: Very High, down to 4 RET**
Windproofness: 100%

Norrøna Lofoten Gore-Tex Pro W Caribbean Blue

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Вариант 1: EMS Экспресс

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Стоимость доставки: $ 1 000


курьерская служба PONY EXPRESS (рекомендуем для доставки в СПб)

Стоимость доставки: $ 1 000

Вариант 3: Доставка курьером

Курьерская доставка по Москве 

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Для заказов больше Стоимость доставки

$ 5 000

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Для заказов меньше $ 5 000

$ 300

Вариант 4: самовывоз

Стоимость доставки: $ 0

Вариант 5: тк Деловые линии

Автодоставка по России от 3 до 10 дней, оплата за доставку при получении заказа
(для отправки требуется ФИО и номер паспорта)

Стоимость доставки: $ 0

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