ON3P Billy Goat 2019

ON3P Billy Goat 2019

Описание ON3P Billy Goat 2019

ON3P Billy Goat 2019

In the Pacific Northwest, nothing beats the ON3P Billy Goat Skis on a heavy pow day when you've got a freeride itch to scratch. Born to slash fresh snow in style, the Billy Goat combines a unique surfy personality with an uncanny ability to straightline steeps in complete confidence. The secret's in the details. The RES (Reverse Elliptical Sidecut) and ATT (Asymmetrical Tip Taper) give these skis an ability to smear at will, while their beefy handcrafted construction (think Oregon microbrews) and laminated bamboo core provide the rock-solid ride you'll love. The ski that put ON3P on the map continues to get better and better with each successive generation.



Freeride Rocker – Larger tip rocker combined with a shorter, lower tail rocker and camber underfoot. Great for driving the ski while maintaining the stability needed to remain confident at speed.

Elliptical Rocker Profile – The rocker profile and tip shape are combined into one progressively changing elliptical arc, which allows the tips to plane faster in powder, deflect less in variable snow, and helps the effective edge running within the rocker length to engage in a natural, effortless way.


Freeride Flex – Solid underfoot platform, stiffer tail, with progressive flex into the tip. A directional flex for skiers who know how to drive a ski.

Relative Stiffness (1 Soft - 10 Stiff) – 8.0


Reverse Elliptical Sidecut (RES) – RES is a large, convex elliptical arc that runs from boot center to tip taper, combined with a long, traditional sidecut radius in the tail. The goal is simple: create the best soft snow sidecut and shape available. Think of RES in two parts. In the front half of the ski, the sidecut moves outward and tightens as it approaches the tip. This exaggerated, reverse sidecut ensures the skis remain catch-free in powder and provides optimal soft-snow performance. Conversely, traditional sidecut in the tail gets you easily to and from the lift. When and RES ski is laid on edge, the RES tip and traditional sidecut tail work together to form a turn radius that provides the skier with surprisingly strong edge hold.


Asymmetrical Tip Taper (ATT) – A longer, extended tip taper on the outer edge of each ski combined with a shorter tip taper on the inner edge of the ski. ATT enhances the ski's ability to smear in soft snow by removing surface area from the outside edge of the uphill ski during a turn in soft snow. The inside edge remains supportive and allows for the downhill ski to complete a full turn as originally designed.

Tip Taper – Tip taper allows for a smoother release on turns, decreased swing weight, and a less catchy ride feel in variable conditions. Used throughout the ON3P line and matched with their rocker profiles to maximize effective edge while maintaining maneuverability.


Bamboo Core – The heart of every pair of ON3P ski is a FSC-certified, vertically laminated, 100% bamboo core. Bamboo provides a responsive, yet damp characteristic to their skis that we have grown to love.


Carbon Fiber – Provides strength, rebound, responsiveness, and stiffens torsionally and longitudinally.

Extra Wide Binding Mat – An additional layer of fiberglass mat prevents pullouts. To ensure proper coverage for all types of hole patterns, ON3P runs their mat full width on every ski they make. Their binding mat is double-biax fiberglass, increasing torsional stiffness.

Unidirectional Carbon Stringer – Each ski incorporates unidirectional carbon around the core, adding pop, stiffness, and dampness without any significant increase in weight.

Tri-Axial Fiberglass – 19 oz or 22 oz Tri-axial Fiberglass provides torsional and longitudinal stiffness, ensuring proper edge hold and power transfer.

Vibration Dampening Strips (VDS) – VDS rubber is applied to the edges and sidewalls, acting as a shear layer that provides improved bonding strength and vibration dampening.


UHMW Sidewalls – UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) is an incredibly strong material, has a higher abrasion resistance than steel, and resists cracking (unlike ABS).


1.8 mm 4001 Durasurf Sintered Base – ON3P's Durasurf 4001 base material provides their skis with better glide and protection from damage compared to any other sintered and extruded base material, and is 50% thicker than the industry standard.


2.5 mm x 2.5 mm Extra Thick Edges – ON3P uses a 3/4 wrap for their 2.5mm x 2.5mm Rockwell 48 steel edges. The 3/4 wrap allows the tips and tails of the skis to flex, decreasing the risk of delamination.

3/4 Wrap Edges – The edges don't wrap all the way around the tips and tails the way other brands build skis. The perceived durability is a marketing gimmick -- 3/4 wrap edges allow the tips and tails to flex naturally, which prevents delamination.


Nylon Topsheet – Sublimated nylon topsheet is chip-resistant to ensure you always look your best.


Factory Finishing – A meticulous 32 step finishing process -- including a perfect, two-part base structure, hot wax + four hour hot box treatment, and a polished, beveled, detuned edge, allows skiers to mount and ski every ON3P out of the wrapper.

Made in Oregon – Every single pair of ON3P Skis is built by an ON3P employee in their Portland, Oregon factory. No shortcuts or OEM here -- they do it themselves. Design, build, sell.

Made in Oregon



179cm 141/116/125 27.8m 136.5 2.22 kg
184cm 142/116/126 28.6m 140.5 2.38 kg
189cm 143/116/126 29.4m 144.5 2.45 kg

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